The year is 2139. The very last bitcoin is slated to be mined in two weeks. For months, a final countdown has been taking place in Satoshi Square for the last block when there will officially be no more bitcoin issued.

And then suddenly, the network comes to a crawl. Instead of the normal ten-minute block interval, blocks are coming in just a few times a day, if not longer. Your mom’s bitcoin node stops syncing. The media starts reporting on the situation. It’s everywhere on social media.

The price of bitcoin is falling. There is a knock at your door, and when you open it, a yellowed, age-weathered envelope has been left for you. There’s no name or return address. What could be inside?

Built with love

Bitcoin is serious, but this game is designed to be fun. Saving Satoshi is a light-hearted first point of contact for developers of all ages curious about bitcoin development. Saving Satoshi has a mix of technical text and code-based challenges, but the challenges should be doable for anyone with basic coding skills.

How to contribute

Open an issue or a PR on GitHub. All suggestions are welcome, including content changes, game mechanics – really anything.


Contributions by @gbks, @adamcjonas, @satsie, @ggwilin, @netrebelking, @aureleoules, and many more!

Now be quick, Satoshi needs you.

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An open-source production by the bitcoin community.

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